accessories for the home - a selection of boxes
writing boxes, jewellery boxes, trinket boxes, family treasure boxes

       a - A box of memories
  Box of Memories


inside Box of Memories


embroidery detail from Box of Memories





  photo album from Box of Memories


This box was made in memory of my father
 who spent time researching our family tree.
It contains an album of photographs
of family members,
 a folder of letters, and the family tree.


folder of letters





  b - trinket box




embroidery detail from lid of trinket box

trinket box

a box covered with faux suede, with a raised dome section on the lid, lined in a shot raw silk, machine and hand embroidered with a variety of materials, threads, and antique lace, then embellished with beads.

interior of trinket box





  c - writing box


d - jewellery box


e - trinket box

  writing box


jewellery box lid


trinket box with pansies


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